Serving Northern Virginia for More Than 20 Years! 
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Serving Northern Virginia for More Than 20 Years!

Experience is something earn on your own and quite a bit through failure, not given.


Recently one of our younger mechanics came across something that stumped him. He paused, trying to understand where we went wrong. Shaking his head, he grabbed a rag to clean his hands and went to find his boss. After explaining the problem, the boss smirked, told him to use his head, and sent him back to the truck he was working on to try all options he could think of first.  The younger mechanic frowned in frustration as he worked and worked on the vehicle. Moments before he was about to lose his temper, he noticed the number of a part was upside down. He looked away for a moment, looked back, turned the part. Walked around to the driver’s side and the truck started up like it never had a problem.

High Gear on the Hunt for Experience


Unfortunately, the one thing we all look for in an employee is the one thing that isn’t instantaneous or can be truly taught in a school. Experience takes time, dedication, and mistakes. That is only found on the job, after years of mishaps and watching those that came before. As an employer, it is our duty to gamble on those special individuals that come along with that experience, or train them and hope that they keep gaining more knowledge and experience at our shop.


Even High Gear is on the hunt for the right person with the right amount of experience to find their home here in one of our bays. With work picking up we are longing for days when we can find that perfect combo to join our team, but for now, we will try to pass on some of our knowledge in hopes to one day have every bay filled.


What is better independent shop or dealership for regular repairs?

This is one of the hardest questions to answer not only as a customer but as someone who works in their own independent shop.  There are benefits on both sides and truly depends on what works best for each specific customer.  But then that raises the question of “Ok, what’s the best for me?”

Time to go courting!

It might take a couple of tries but finding the best repair shop for you and your vehicle can have a serious effect on you and your wallet. It is no secret that the repairs at a dealership shop tend to be much more expensive than most independent shops, this may not always be true but for the majority of the time but I think we can agree that it is generally true. So, are the higher costs worth it? In most cases a dealership will have more expertise in your specific make and model and some dealerships may even give you a more thorough check up. However, when going into a major repair sometimes it is better to find your own independent shop with a mechanic that you can trust.

Taking things into High Gear – yup that’s a double play  

High Gear Truck Repair is one of the few truck repair shops that will go through every dealer they can to find the lowest cost for each customer. And each check over has an in depth focus of our skilled mechanics ensuring they do everything within their power to correct any known and unknown problems advising you every step of the way.  So what fits you best? Come try us out for size, you won’t be disappointed!



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